the first 4 event of the year done!

Apr 23


We are now at the real beginning of a new season. It should be pretty interesting and full year with a lot of event on the calendar! I have been to Tenerife this winter for some training and testing gear with my team mate. It was a nice time to prepare the season.

I have also done lately some sup testing 12,6 race and inflatable are working great even compared to full carbon board!

Then back to France for some national race AFF in Slalom in La Ciotat and Le Jai and also 2 nice wave event with the rip curl windsurfing pro tour in Britanny and South of France. So quite a lot of fun session so far and not that cold this winter.

See you soon on water!

Here are some pictures of the last month + Presentation of the new Vapor and a fins ITW (in french).

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Nov 07

Hello All!

It is finally almost the end! What a year with good moments!

Lately I have been to Corsica for a raid in windsurf (longue distance). It was a great atmosphere and nice weather. I used 9,5 and 8,6 Gaastra Vapor again with the proto of the Tabou Manta 2014 85 who is rocking!! I did also some kite.

Then we have been to Leucate and his famous tramontana for the 3rd event of the franc AFF tour. We were lucky to sail finally with 6,4 and 7,1 and manta 61. Great level on water, some new riders sailing really nice too, good for the sport to have such a event like that! (even if some have some race comitie guy should have some sand on theirs eyes during several start probably…)

Then I have been to Sylt for the last PWA world cup of the year. It was the time to get full wetsuits and no boardshort anymore… After promissing forecast we get finally some light wind again. 10 to 20 knots and 9,5 to 8,6 sails size again. Great battle on water in slalom. The bad point is that we can’t see any waves action. It have been a whyle that I don’t see any wave event in PWA and the level is so hight that it is always amazing to see it! Concerning the racing, I did a terrible last race who killed me for the year ranking, whatever it is a part of racing and I have done my best out there. Finishing 18.

Betwen all these event I have been visiting shop to introduce new Tabou, Gaastra/Vandal product 2014 (windsurf, kitesurf, sup). France is a big countrie so I spend a lot of time on the road and it is always a good experience. New Tabou boards are sick and Gaastra sail are sexy, all good!

Then again 10 days of competions for the french AFF wave and slalom in la Torche. Great waves, nice atmosphere and so good sailing in slalom around marks too. I was a bit tired but it was a nice event and good for the windsurfing community to have also wind everywhere in France during 2 weeks for the holidays!

Then 2 longues distance in Fos sur Mer and Almanarre but with no wind! Just trying the new Phantom 2014 again slalom gear…

Now I am back home finally… testing again some new Tabou baords, so non stop working!

Gongratulations to all riders who acheived theirs dreams this year! Specially to Kiri Thode for his wold tittle in freestyle and Alex Mussolini for his second place in wave! and off Course to Antonito Albeau for his new world tittle again!!

Thanks to my sponsors: Tabou/Gaastra/ERD fins/


1237173_10151860780315339_1733931427_n1235890_10151860782370339_1634849160_n  1240441_10151860794210339_1280708398_n1236310_589848057721246_1697775245_n 1236554_433182700119021_1902091377_n 1239839_432847260152565_1574202777_n1239570_433124160124875_233187857_n  1382301_587945104601874_1223863609_n Capture d’écran 2013-10-02 à 21.44.261385091_587961504600234_697030229_n 1385889_587020621360989_341568764_n IMG_02111374249_446263808810910_2071994994_n1395949_447924668644824_1722806488_n1385167_447158142054810_1997006411_n580739_10153388215265650_1957537778_n74525_447928951977729_191101773_n995220_445400795563878_1229742259_n 1378439_10202197799044315_1274797870_n 1378255_10151727454014033_35870636_n1378664_602111443185240_1803904698_n-1 1384079_602111439851907_845785257_n-1  1380533_602398876489830_1688601634_n1393262_10201528503312483_57307694_n



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Jul 17

Well it has been a whyle that I don’t post I just realised! Sorry for that, last months were pretty intense even if not so much windy.

–>Here is a quick summary !

Straight after Korea I have been to the last race of the Defi wind + I  visit several french shops for Tabou and Gaastra like a french agent. I visited several shops, open some new ones and drive 2800 kilometers to go also to Brest for the second event of the french tour AFF.

Then we did the Gaastra/Tabou 2014 shooting in south of France. We were lucky with the conditions and the sun but it was a lot of work just in 3 days to do everyting with all riders! Peter Munzlinger, the designer of Gaastra was there to see the action, we tryed some proto sail and masts and we continue the next days for almost all freeride sails for 2014. We tryed differents phantom, Cosmic and Matrix sails. Small changes on the design but differences were notable on water! 2014 collection will be sick. I also so the new Kite and board collection for Gaastra kite… more news later.


Then I did with Ben van der Steen the famous Transjai race in my home spot. We did 5 races in good conditions with 100 people on the strat line! Ben won in 6,4 Vapor in front of Pascal and me after good battles with some others good riders too. It was a great event well organised.


Then I take the road to Costa Brava for the PWA second event of the year.

With the new light wind rules, there was some tension on water and I make a stupid PMS on first heat first round… my mistake but really frustating. Then we wait everyday a lot on the sun for the wind. I managed to go straight on the next 2 finales! Pretty happy about that because level is hight I was not so fast on 9,5 but I plan better than last year and because of this i can jibe better and go where I want to go on the race!

On the race number 2, in the semi final I was not qualifing 2 jibe before the finish line, but I make a great return with an outside jibe to Gonza and probably one of my best jibe in a competition to pass Menegati on his inisde!

On the third race also on the semi final, after arriving 2 at the first mark, I lost planning and become 7, then on the next jibe, wind was also super light and it was my turn to overtake people and go to the final.

At this stage I get 60/8/8 and was wainting the race number 4 for the discard.

The last day, wind picked up, I was ready for the battle, my plan was not to push too much, just do an ok race to come back on the ranking. I passed the first heat easy and I was waiting my quarter when my extention broke on water! Julien Quentel and Julien Bouyer helped me with a new rig but I can’t took the start in time and was drifting for one hour on water swimming to come back to the beach! This is a part of racing for sure, but frustating to finish an event like that! Whatever I was not so unlucly but I could have done better easy and be top 10 PWA overall just by doing 7 in stead of 8 on this last quarter! Finally I am 13 overall who is not too bad!

Next event is in a month in Turquie, 80% of the rider need to do a result to save theirs seasons. Normally I dont like so much flat water and prefer technical conditions but the last 2 years, i finished 11 there! We will see what happen this year!


Now, I never had so much time “free” for me the next week because Fuerteventura is only for freestyle rider. I love fuerte action slalom but It is normal to give priority to freestyle for this disciplne and young riders who push the sports too.

We had finished tests for almost all Tabou board earlier than previous year. There is still the Gaastra race programm to finish for 2014 slalom rig and we will have some gear to test with Ross and Ben soon.

I am now back home in Marseille to test some slalom board proto with Pascal Toseli for 2014, we almost finish even if wind is light and forecast no so optimistic for the next 10 days! After that, I will go in 10 days to the Gaastra/Tabou/Gaastrakite/vandal 2014 dealer meeting… New gear, new colors…stay tunned!

And also, the most important thing, I get married with my lovely wife Caroline!


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May 20

The second stop of the french event was in Brest in Brittany. All the top french riders were there + a lot of new young riders fully equiped and motivated!! Forecasts were nice but we were quite unlucky because wind was really gusty and sifting from 4 to 16 knots. We tryed 18 start of the winner final… so it become more a race on the parking with a differents points of view if we have to keep pushing or not to valid a single race.

Thanks to the organisers, sponsors and all the riders who were there even if we don’t race. 2 more event to come in Leucate and La Torche for the 2013 tour AFF. The tour is nice and there is a great level on water.

Now I am on my way back home visiting shops for Tabou and Gaastra. Then we will test some flat water sail in south of France with the Gaastra Team and Peter Munzlinger + doing a small shooting!!

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May 20

This event is insane and a nice promotion for windsurf! I have been there for the last day of the event straight after Korea. I just did the last race of the event and it is clearly a different race than a slalom in Pwa! It is 40 km long and you need to choose the right gear at the right time to go fast and be easy all the way. I get a good start with my manta 61 and Vapor 6,4. I was fighting with Pascal T, Nico W and Pierre M and Belbeoch was leading. Before the finish line we get a hall of wind… so we can’t make the finish line without tacking! Great job for 3 pro rider…

Whatever I hope to do it again on the futur and be ready for it! 800 people on the same start line and with good spirit, all good for the sport!!!

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May 20

Here we are! First world cup of the year… all riders were ready for it after some months of trainning all around the world.

I feeled confidant with my gear. My Vapor rig were a nice evolution from 2012 with more low end and a lighter sail in the hand. The level on water is even more close betwen all of us than last year! No mistake allowed if you want to adance true your heat.

We did 3 races in total in ok conditions from 8 to 20 knots. Wind was less gusty yhan previous year and races were nice to see because of action. I did good with a final ranking of 10 but it is only first event of the year and ranking will change for sure! I used mainly my 9,5 on my big manta board and also during the first race my 8,6 and manta 71 who is this year a great combo!

So a long trip for all of us and some news faces on the top 10! Congratulations to Alberto Banbino the winner who deserveted to win. 2013 season look exciting!




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May 20

It is now a long time that I haven’t post on my blog. I was really busy the last months and will uptade now my last results/events!

I was in Leucate for the famous speed event windsurf vs kitesurf. We got really nice conditions all week and we done sometimes 3 races of 1h30 per day! I used 3 differents size of Vapor: 5,6/6,4/7,1 with my Tabou manta gun 54 and 49. Level was hight and speed really close bewten rider. I finish 4 in windsurf with some runs over 40 knots on this spot. We also did some runs on the tandem for the fun.

Here is a ITW done during the event.

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Apr 03
J’ai décidé de participer à la première étape du championnat Suisse à l’almanarre à la vu de la météo parfaite et du plateau relevé de coureurs présents.
Bonne idée pour se régler en slalom et voir aussi ou j’en étais aussi personnellement!
Le samedi il y a eu entre 25 et 35 knots, j’ai navigué avec ma 6,4 et ma “petite” planche de 61 cm de large dans les 2 finales. le parcours était vraiment abattu donc ça déboulait fort pour tout le monde.
Le dimanche il y avait vraiment du vent encore plus fort! J’ai fait les 2 finales avec ma Gaastra Vapor 5,6 bien toilé! J’ai meme hésité à y aller en voile de vague mais après je me suis dis, Cedric quand même!! Au final, on a enchainé les poules ce qui m’a permis de régler les petits détails de mon matos car jusque la je n’avais eu que peu de sorties en petit matos de slalom 2013. Je suis content d’avoir gagné l’event et 3 finales.
Je pense que l’on a bien travaillé avec Ross Williams en fin de saison pour valider le matériel de production 2013. Même si le plateau était relevé avec 6/7 coureurs faisant la PWA, Ce sera une toute autre histoire en Corée dans un mois! Je ne pense pas forcement aller foncièrement plus vite que l’an passé mais avoir bien plus de plage d’utilisation pour faire ce que je veux avec avec mon matériel tolérant ce qui est au final très important.
La météo à donc été parfaite avec 3 jours de vent et une super ambiance à terre et sur l’eau avec des gens passionnés et réactifs. On a donc fait 5 slaloms complets en poule avec 3 jibes à chaque fois. Ca fait plaisir de voir cela. Il y avait aussi plein de gamins de moins de 14 en combinaison toutes la journées même si le vent était vraiment fort pour eux!
A refaire donc!
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Mar 25

The first slalom event of the year (total 4 slalom for 2013) has been done in South of France, at “la Ciotat”. All the top french racers were there. We get some wind really gusty betwen 7 and 15 knots. The crew comite managed to valid 2 races. On the first one it was really on the wind limit. I used my 9,5 Vapor and the sail have much more low end than last year. In this light wind conditions the most important is to have a good start with fresh wind and also for sure a good equipement seetting to be sure to plan, and accelerate even if you need to pump after a jibe! I also feeled confidant even if 10 guys were able to wind this race! My Manta 85 is also a good choice because of more acceleration and speed than last year. I used a 48 ERD fins and also 46. On the second race it was more windy and I jumped on my 8,6 who is really nice balanced and have a nice wind range. So overal ranking I finished 4, pretty happy about that even if I missed the podium! Level on the water was high and ranking can have different for sure!

Thanks to my sponsor Tabou/Gaastra/ fins/CG13 and my club (CN Marignanais)!

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Mar 07

Winter is still there in France but we get some nice conditions so far with not too cold temperature. I am still pretty busy with French market and shops to take care but everything is going nicely. I also get now all my slalom gear and hope to be ready in time for the season. I have this year rig with more low end, new Gaastra booms full carbon and great ERD fins, so all good!

Here are some pictures from differents spots around Marseille.

Qualitie are not always perfect but conditions were fun!


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Feb 23

I am just back from some trainning/vacations in Tenerife.  It was so nice to have a break after such a long season and escape from the cold In France! I sailed 14 days non stop + 5 days of cruising and some really sessions on sup. I tested the last ERD Fastane fins and they were pretty good so far! I also train in slalom with my new 2013 Mantas boards. I will registred the 85/71/61 for the Pwa events this year. I sailed with my 6,4 fully powered to 8,6 and also mainly in wave from 4,5 IQ to 5,4 Poison with my Da Curve 85 liters. It was windy everyday and even if waves were not big it was good fun on the water!!! Now I just back in Marseille, it is snowing and minus 12 !!!! Grrrr


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Jan 01

It is now the time to look foward for 2013 season.

But before this I would like to have a last look on 2012 year. It was a full year with a lof of work on water and out of water. I had some really nice moments with some nice races and results. And also some difficult time too for sure… I leraned a lot on myself and had some personal great achievement!

Here are some pictures that resume a bit this year even if they are mainly only windsurf orientated.

Have a nice 2013 year with mainly good moments with friends and a good wealth!



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Nov 19

I am still in Nambia, the wind blow almost everyday but we are now waiting for the big windy days. I have finnaly done 2 runs over 50 knots after a run at 49,99 knots! I am pretty happy about that even if Antoine is 1 knots faster (and there is a big gap!). Time runs fast here since 2 weeks and now I hope to have some rest before the next windy days!

I used still my 5,6 who is magic and need to have more time on 5,3 to tunned it up. My 40 cm wide gun shaped by F.Wollenviedier is pretty sick so far, maybe just a bit big for the 50 knots of wind?..

I also would like to do some more run on the tandem even if the water is going down on the canal and it become really “tricky” to stop at the finish!

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Namibia speed attempt

Nov 08

I am now in Namibia for 3 weeks for the Luderitz speed attempt. We had done a long road of 1280 km from Cap town to arrived here. It was an amazing road even if quite long! Luderitz is a small town but there is almost everything here.

We bring quite a lot of gear here to be sure to have the right kit for the speed attempt.

So concerning the famous trench… it is really scary when you saw it at the first time, not wide specialy betwen 150 to 300 meters on the middle… then the finish look really small, around 80 meters to slow down… I was not really confiant on the first day to be honnest.

We get a first trainning day and I get use to it.

The second day was even better with wind around 40 knots… Straigth away I got 2 runs over 47 knots. I used my 5,6 Vapor 2013 with a 40 gun shaped by Fabien Vollenweider all days. My goal was to be really confidant on my gear so I can be focus only my direction during the run. On my 4th run I get a rally nice run, specially during the last 300 meters. I was pretty happy even if for sure it can be better with more wind at the entry. I look straight at my gps and saw 50.71, so I knew it was a good one. Then Antoine Albeau come 30 seconds later like a bullet and did 49,41, so a new world reccord!!!  My run was 49,09 knots exactly like the previous world reccord!!!  Super stock about that. Anders did also some quick runs too! So it is only the second day so quite promissing..

Wind was just around 35/40 knots so we can probably do a bit better even if it will be hard to be faster than the kite!!! I hope to do some run on 5,3 on the next days!

There is wind all the coming week but probably only next saturday can be strong enouht… so we will have some time to go sup and wave riding too if we find a nice spot!

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Oct 23

What a long time that I didn’t post here! Soory for that but the last months was really busy!!! I am still looking for free time to recovery. I was in Sylt Germanie for the last world cup of the year. It was a great 10 days of action with sick forecast. Competitons in waves and freestyle were great (and it was not too cold like it have been sometime on the past). But for slalom discipline we were not so busy and we did only 2 races… For sure we can have do more but this is life… sometime lucky sometine not! I finished the year in 17, it is an ok year with some nice events results for me (and some points to improve).

After That I have been back to Paris to jump from A2 ‘s van (big congratulations to him for his 20 world tittle!!!!!) to my van who has been repaired (ho yes i broked it just before going to Sylt…). Then I took the road to britanie for a tour of surf shop to show them the 2013 Gaastra and Tabou range of products. It was a full week on the road but really interresting!


Then I was back home with Ross williams (who pass me on the finish line in Sylt on a quarter…arfff) to try the last Gaastra Vapor proto 2013 before final registration the 31 October. We were quite lucky with nice wind everyday with differents orientation. We tryed 9,5 to 5,6 and all of them were performing nicely! i was pretty happy about that! Right now he just move to Sardaigna with Peter Munzlinger the designer to finalize them.

I also tested 3 new rockets, 1 thunder, 2 DC and 1 pcoket, so fully busy but love that… and also love the time when I will have some free time for me too!!

Now I am on a new nice project and soon I will fly to Nambia for the Luderitz speed attempt. I just received 2 Gaastra proto in 5 and 5,3, some new fins and a new Gun shaped by F.Wollenveider… let’s see what speed can be reached!!!



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