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Mar 20

It was an hardcore day! The kind of day you will remenber during a long time!

We arrived with Antoine Albeau at La franqui/Leucate on the morning with the goal to test ours new gear: sail/ board and fins. The wind was nuclear! It was the strongest wind I have ever seen… 15 knots more than a windy day in Pozo. Gust were 57 knots, and average wind 49 knots…It take a long time before going on the water because we are simply not sure it was sailable…

Finally we decided to go and rigging was even harder to sail… going on the water without falling was also terrible.

First run was slow like nothing else: too much chop, too much wind. My main concern was to loose my gear if i fall because it was off shore so impossible to swin faster than this chop! After several runs we fell more confident and speed increase.

We have some great runs with impressive acceleration, Antoine did 44,0 knots in Vmax with Jp 45 and me 40,9 with manta 49. It was not high score for gps but in these conditions it is!!!!

The day after I did again some speed on my home spot in Berre with Anders Bringdal and Pascal Toselli. Wind was around 30/35 knots and still fun. I was on 5,7 for the first time and fell good with my manta 49. Enjoi the pictures of the second day. Thanks to

The pictures of first day will be published on magazine soon.


Mar 07

I am just back form Viet Nam and on the road to Corsica for the 1st AFF event of the year.

The event was tricky and everybody really fast, position and ranking changed after each races.
A lot of guys can go on the final this year, so it make races exiting but really hard also.

I am a few disapointed with final ranking because with race of 13/13/17 i finished 20,  I hate discard! but it was the same for everybody here and i am waiting for more wind!
I used manly 8,6 with 85 and one race on 7,9 with manta 69.
The good point is that the gear seems to work well! Sail are really nice specially under 7,9 for me.
I have more trouble with bigger sails but because of my hi wind preferences, not because of the sail.
Ross is really fast on big size so i am sure to be able to tune them on a few time.
Racing is also a lot about riders ability and experience at the end (top 3 guys overs 40 years old, not such a young sport…)

Boards are also really competitive: Mouss love the 85, it is big board but it is what we need for racing with 10 racers.
79 is faster for sure, ross and arnon fly on it, but let see if it will big enought for flat water on the next races.
The 69 is my favourite, really fast and easy.
Combo manta 59/vapor 6,4 is also sick but no opportunity to have it on racing.


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