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Jun 07

What an event!

Conditions were sick, super windy, like I love!

We have done 8 race in total: 3 races in really strong wind, 4 races in medium and 1race in super light wind.

I am really happy with my 12 overall place even if I can do better. I miss 3 finals where I could be in: first I falled on a jibe when i was in second position easy, I didn’t do the last mark (too upwind) when I was 3 and one time i was leading a semi and going to the finish line when the race was canceled. This is racing and everybody can do same mistake or bad luck.

I have a really good speed on small gear with my manta 59 and vapor 6,4 and 5,7. It was so easy to control and to jibe: I can change my curve when i decide so this is nice to overpass peole around mark.

I also have some really good moment with manta 69/vapor 7,9 and Zfins 40. Asap I have enought wind to use it, it is a pleasure!

The best was about my light wind gear who is perfect when racing is done on 7/12 knots (manta 85/vapor 85/50 cm fins). Maybe it is a few big for my size (85 kilos) when it will be more windy like in Turquish but for planning and jibing before other riders it work!

Next event will be in Aruba in 3 weeks.

I am now at home for tesing new slalom prototypes for next year with Ross Williams and Arnon Dagan.

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