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Jan 30

First time at hookipa, first time on the blocks…

But it was a nice day for me and my friend Mathias. I used my 5,0 manic and dc 91. Even if the wind was a big more gusty and off-shore than usual, we enjoied to sail in boardshort and with nice waves!!

Life is so nice here, fun and no stress!!!

Today we plan to go to see the sunset at Haleakala volcano.

Pictures: Jimmy hepp 


Jan 29

I just arrive in Maui for some weeks.

It is so nice to be there. I have alreay try all my new slalom gear at home and test it against other brand. So I have an idea about how good it works! I came here with my new Manta 71 and 84 and Vapor 7,1 to 9,5. I also take my Da curve 91 and my sup 8,2.

I already did a Sup session at Lanes and yesterday no one in windsurf was out at Hookipa!!! It was f….. big and closing out!!!

Forecast is sick for all the week so far, Jaws will break in 2 days…


Here is a sick movie of Levi Siver, probably the best rider at Hookipa.

LEVI_SIVER_WINTER_11_12 from Dan Norkunas on Vimeo.

TEST VAPOR 5,7 2012

Jan 24

I just received my new Vapor 2012! A lot of box arrived at home for the new season.

I tryed 8,6 and 7,9 yesterday on flat water with the new manta 71.These sails fit on the board with 40 cm fins. I personally prefer to use 7,9 on this board because of more acceleration. And keep the 8,6 for my manta 84 in lighter wind.

Today was an other storie: 35/45 knots full on shore in Marseille with a really technical chop. The 5,7 is quite stable and still easy to sail for this hard conditions.

First feelings with the new sails is good: they are more light on the hands with more low end than last year (and still perfect on strong wind), now I need to tune them 100%!

More test soon… In Maui this time…


Jan 21

5/15 knots off shore, hard to catch waves but fun…



Jan 15

Sick windsurfing movie!



Jan 11

I am now in Hossegor near biarritz for some days of surfing. Forecast was sick for here and no wind for 3 days at home so I take the road. I have done some really fun sessions here on good size of waves. I am actually dying because I am so tired, too much time on the water!.. Even if this sahrk was found yesterday on the beach!!! No more energie but I must drive back home for testing some slalom fins at the end of the week at home with Antoine Albeau.

2012 gear

Jan 11

So Far I was lucky to try already a lot of new 2012 slalom gear!! We have a perfect winter here, in south of france with wind non stop the last 2 months with waves and not so cold weather.

In my home spots, there is a lot of passionate slalom racers so I have all the gear from each brand to try. This is really nice for R&D to test products from other brand and see how my Tabou boards and gaastra sail work and hwo we can improve them continuously. Planchemag magazine also have all the new gear to test for his report.
So I am pretty happy with new manta 71 and 84. Boards have changed a lot this year (new rocker on the noze area, new outline, new straps positions and new cut for the 84). Boards have much more low end and are more fast on flat water (still really easy on chop like before).
I also tryed the new production vapor 7,9 and sail improve a lot! it is much lighter on the hand, speed is amazing on downwind and sail have better low end (bad point of last year). I am sure I can improve again the performances of it in low end by tunning it step by step.

I will have all my own gear during the next weeks and be able to train with it soon.
First Pwa event will be in May in korea because Vietnam event moved in November, so there is no ruch (last year I got my ail 3 days before the first event only!!).

I plan to go to Maui for some weeks soon…

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