Archive | February, 2012


Feb 28

I found on my archives some pictures taken under water during a solid sup session at my home spot, Carro.

Fun to see how a wave can roll me!



Feb 27

For a return on slalom trainning after one month of mostly wave sailing, it was a quite hardcore session!

I planned to try my brand new 6,4 Vapor (the only size that I dont’ have tryed yet) but when I arrived on the beach, I realized that it was impossible! 40/50 knots were blowing.

So i rigged my 5,7 Vapor with my manta 61 and have some quick run.

Pascal Toselli was there and also Matteo Iachino form Italie. I have tryed mostly several fins…


Feb 25

Voici un second lien sur Windmag ou il  y a l’introduction des voiles de course 2012 de chez Gaastra, les Vapors.

Surfaces allant de 5,4 à 10,0 en slalom.





Feb 24

Voici un lien sur Windmag ou il y a une presentation des nouveaux shapes des mantas de serie 2012.

Les nouvelles bombes sont 61/71/84 cm de large pour 95/113/134 litres.




Feb 12

Since i arrived on Maui, i had 3 or 4 really nices sup sessions. Mainly at Lanes and 1 at Kanaha. I ride my Tabou sup in quad. Here are some pictures, qualities of them are not as the waves here!! So gooood


Feb 11

I sailed for the first time with the new Vapor 7,1 at Kanaha 2 days ago. I already tryed the 8,6 and 7,9 at home.

The sail fell much more lighter than last year and more equlibred! So It was nice combo with manta 71 even on 15 knots only. I sailed 2 hours on it and did some video footage for a short clip to come. It was fun, Micah was there and we did some quick runs together.

First pwa event is in 2 months so I have time to tune all my gear but it seems to be much more easy than last year: Tabou Manta are already working great, I know my fins, and Vapor are on the same direction than last year but with more low end, easier to ride and less heavier.. So all good!








Feb 11

Well, I have not upload my blog since 10 days but time is going so fast here! We have done a lot of thing here with my grilfriend in 2 weeks: Snorkling, going to Oahu for the Sup event and see Pipeline, checking the sunset at Haleakala, going to waterfall on the road to Hana… and also some windsurfing and sup!

Conditions were great for the winter and really windy, I sailed 1 time on 4,2 by kona Winds! Here are some pictures about this epic days.Really hard to make a propper bottom turn. Wind drops later on the afternoon and it was better but tricky because only 10/15 knots. Enjoy!

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