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Oct 23

What a long time that I didn’t post here! Soory for that but the last months was really busy!!! I am still looking for free time to recovery. I was in Sylt Germanie for the last world cup of the year. It was a great 10 days of action with sick forecast. Competitons in waves and freestyle were great (and it was not too cold like it have been sometime on the past). But for slalom discipline we were not so busy and we did only 2 races… For sure we can have do more but this is life… sometime lucky sometine not! I finished the year in 17, it is an ok year with some nice events results for me (and some points to improve).

After That I have been back to Paris to jump from A2 ‘s van (big congratulations to him for his 20 world tittle!!!!!) to my van who has been repaired (ho yes i broked it just before going to Sylt…). Then I took the road to britanie for a tour of surf shop to show them the 2013 Gaastra and Tabou range of products. It was a full week on the road but really interresting!


Then I was back home with Ross williams (who pass me on the finish line in Sylt on a quarter…arfff) to try the last Gaastra Vapor proto 2013 before final registration the 31 October. We were quite lucky with nice wind everyday with differents orientation. We tryed 9,5 to 5,6 and all of them were performing nicely! i was pretty happy about that! Right now he just move to Sardaigna with Peter Munzlinger the designer to finalize them.

I also tested 3 new rockets, 1 thunder, 2 DC and 1 pcoket, so fully busy but love that… and also love the time when I will have some free time for me too!!

Now I am on a new nice project and soon I will fly to Nambia for the Luderitz speed attempt. I just received 2 Gaastra proto in 5 and 5,3, some new fins and a new Gun shaped by F.Wollenveider… let’s see what speed can be reached!!!



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