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Nov 19

I am still in Nambia, the wind blow almost everyday but we are now waiting for the big windy days. I have finnaly done 2 runs over 50 knots after a run at 49,99 knots! I am pretty happy about that even if Antoine is 1 knots faster (and there is a big gap!). Time runs fast here since 2 weeks and now I hope to have some rest before the next windy days!

I used still my 5,6 who is magic and need to have more time on 5,3 to tunned it up. My 40 cm wide gun shaped by F.Wollenviedier is pretty sick so far, maybe just a bit big for the 50 knots of wind?..

I also would like to do some more run on the tandem even if the water is going down on the canal and it become really “tricky” to stop at the finish!

Namibia speed attempt

Nov 08

I am now in Namibia for 3 weeks for the Luderitz speed attempt. We had done a long road of 1280 km from Cap town to arrived here. It was an amazing road even if quite long! Luderitz is a small town but there is almost everything here.

We bring quite a lot of gear here to be sure to have the right kit for the speed attempt.

So concerning the famous trench… it is really scary when you saw it at the first time, not wide specialy betwen 150 to 300 meters on the middle… then the finish look really small, around 80 meters to slow down… I was not really confiant on the first day to be honnest.

We get a first trainning day and I get use to it.

The second day was even better with wind around 40 knots… Straigth away I got 2 runs over 47 knots. I used my 5,6 Vapor 2013 with a 40 gun shaped by Fabien Vollenweider all days. My goal was to be really confidant on my gear so I can be focus only my direction during the run. On my 4th run I get a rally nice run, specially during the last 300 meters. I was pretty happy even if for sure it can be better with more wind at the entry. I look straight at my gps and saw 50.71, so I knew it was a good one. Then Antoine Albeau come 30 seconds later like a bullet and did 49,41, so a new world reccord!!!  My run was 49,09 knots exactly like the previous world reccord!!!  Super stock about that. Anders did also some quick runs too! So it is only the second day so quite promissing..

Wind was just around 35/40 knots so we can probably do a bit better even if it will be hard to be faster than the kite!!! I hope to do some run on 5,3 on the next days!

There is wind all the coming week but probably only next saturday can be strong enouht… so we will have some time to go sup and wave riding too if we find a nice spot!

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