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Jul 17

Well it has been a whyle that I don’t post I just realised! Sorry for that, last months were pretty intense even if not so much windy.

–>Here is a quick summary !

Straight after Korea I have been to the last race of the Defi wind + I  visit several french shops for Tabou and Gaastra like a french agent. I visited several shops, open some new ones and drive 2800 kilometers to go also to Brest for the second event of the french tour AFF.

Then we did the Gaastra/Tabou 2014 shooting in south of France. We were lucky with the conditions and the sun but it was a lot of work just in 3 days to do everyting with all riders! Peter Munzlinger, the designer of Gaastra was there to see the action, we tryed some proto sail and masts and we continue the next days for almost all freeride sails for 2014. We tryed differents phantom, Cosmic and Matrix sails. Small changes on the design but differences were notable on water! 2014 collection will be sick. I also so the new Kite and board collection for Gaastra kite… more news later.


Then I did with Ben van der Steen the famous Transjai race in my home spot. We did 5 races in good conditions with 100 people on the strat line! Ben won in 6,4 Vapor in front of Pascal and me after good battles with some others good riders too. It was a great event well organised.


Then I take the road to Costa Brava for the PWA second event of the year.

With the new light wind rules, there was some tension on water and I make a stupid PMS on first heat first round… my mistake but really frustating. Then we wait everyday a lot on the sun for the wind. I managed to go straight on the next 2 finales! Pretty happy about that because level is hight I was not so fast on 9,5 but I plan better than last year and because of this i can jibe better and go where I want to go on the race!

On the race number 2, in the semi final I was not qualifing 2 jibe before the finish line, but I make a great return with an outside jibe to Gonza and probably one of my best jibe in a competition to pass Menegati on his inisde!

On the third race also on the semi final, after arriving 2 at the first mark, I lost planning and become 7, then on the next jibe, wind was also super light and it was my turn to overtake people and go to the final.

At this stage I get 60/8/8 and was wainting the race number 4 for the discard.

The last day, wind picked up, I was ready for the battle, my plan was not to push too much, just do an ok race to come back on the ranking. I passed the first heat easy and I was waiting my quarter when my extention broke on water! Julien Quentel and Julien Bouyer helped me with a new rig but I can’t took the start in time and was drifting for one hour on water swimming to come back to the beach! This is a part of racing for sure, but frustating to finish an event like that! Whatever I was not so unlucly but I could have done better easy and be top 10 PWA overall just by doing 7 in stead of 8 on this last quarter! Finally I am 13 overall who is not too bad!

Next event is in a month in Turquie, 80% of the rider need to do a result to save theirs seasons. Normally I dont like so much flat water and prefer technical conditions but the last 2 years, i finished 11 there! We will see what happen this year!


Now, I never had so much time “free” for me the next week because Fuerteventura is only for freestyle rider. I love fuerte action slalom but It is normal to give priority to freestyle for this disciplne and young riders who push the sports too.

We had finished tests for almost all Tabou board earlier than previous year. There is still the Gaastra race programm to finish for 2014 slalom rig and we will have some gear to test with Ross and Ben soon.

I am now back home in Marseille to test some slalom board proto with Pascal Toseli for 2014, we almost finish even if wind is light and forecast no so optimistic for the next 10 days! After that, I will go in 10 days to the Gaastra/Tabou/Gaastrakite/vandal 2014 dealer meeting… New gear, new colors…stay tunned!

And also, the most important thing, I get married with my lovely wife Caroline!


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