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Nov 07

Hello All!

It is finally almost the end! What a year with good moments!

Lately I have been to Corsica for a raid in windsurf (longue distance). It was a great atmosphere and nice weather. I used 9,5 and 8,6 Gaastra Vapor again with the proto of the Tabou Manta 2014 85 who is rocking!! I did also some kite.

Then we have been to Leucate and his famous tramontana for the 3rd event of the franc AFF tour. We were lucky to sail finally with 6,4 and 7,1 and manta 61. Great level on water, some new riders sailing really nice too, good for the sport to have such a event like that! (even if some have some race comitie guy should have some sand on theirs eyes during several start probably…)

Then I have been to Sylt for the last PWA world cup of the year. It was the time to get full wetsuits and no boardshort anymore… After promissing forecast we get finally some light wind again. 10 to 20 knots and 9,5 to 8,6 sails size again. Great battle on water in slalom. The bad point is that we can’t see any waves action. It have been a whyle that I don’t see any wave event in PWA and the level is so hight that it is always amazing to see it! Concerning the racing, I did a terrible last race who killed me for the year ranking, whatever it is a part of racing and I have done my best out there. Finishing 18.

Betwen all these event I have been visiting shop to introduce new Tabou, Gaastra/Vandal product 2014 (windsurf, kitesurf, sup). France is a big countrie so I spend a lot of time on the road and it is always a good experience. New Tabou boards are sick and Gaastra sail are sexy, all good!

Then again 10 days of competions for the french AFF wave and slalom in la Torche. Great waves, nice atmosphere and so good sailing in slalom around marks too. I was a bit tired but it was a nice event and good for the windsurfing community to have also wind everywhere in France during 2 weeks for the holidays!

Then 2 longues distance in Fos sur Mer and Almanarre but with no wind! Just trying the new Phantom 2014 again slalom gear…

Now I am back home finally… testing again some new Tabou baords, so non stop working!

Gongratulations to all riders who acheived theirs dreams this year! Specially to Kiri Thode for his wold tittle in freestyle and Alex Mussolini for his second place in wave! and off Course to Antonito Albeau for his new world tittle again!!

Thanks to my sponsors: Tabou/Gaastra/ERD fins/


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