It was a long time since I don’t post on my website. Sorry for this… I will update now my site with the last events that I just did. Actually I am in Korea for the second event of the Pwa slalom tour.

So Leucate was a great speed event. I mean that was a real great speed event!!! Kite against windsurfers on a 500 meters run.

So we had 4 races of 1h30 in total for each of them. I sailed 2 times in 7,1 meters, 1 time in 6,4 and 1 time in 5,7. I used my 54 and 49 Tabou gun. It is not often to do speed in 5,7 meters!! My best run was 41,5 knots on the finish screen. It was the second best run of the event.Antoine Albeau has got a better run by 0,3 knots and I finished 4 of the event, I am pretty happy about this.

Kitesurfers were still fast. Congratulations to Rob Douglas, the flying Kitesurfer who deserve to win this speed event. He is a great athlete.So there were 3 windsurfers on the top 4 ranking; it is a much better result than last year. All windsurfers worked to improve theirs results and this worked. I personnaly have a new gun from Fabien Vollenweider for light and medium wind who is sick. I tryed a lot of guns this winter to make the best one possible.

I also have some news Gasoil asymitrical fins designed specially for speed who are really nice and fast on the run. Have a look on them by googled them or going to this link –>http://ailerongasoil.free.fr/

After the speed event, we also have done some long distances in slalom gear time. I used my Gaastra Vapor 6,4 meters and 61 Tabou Manta board on 25 knots. There were me, A2 and Anders Bringdal against  100 kitesurfers. In this conditions the windsurfers are clear faster because they can keep the speed on the chop and going upwind or downwind. The Kitesurfers are flying in really flat water on a speed run but not yet on all conditions. I finished 2 in all of them even if i had a big crash with Rob on the first one!!

Next confrontations in one year!!

May 08


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